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Mare Publicitate
Mare publicitate prin Profesional Global Press Fara o reclama de calitate in ziare asteptati clienti in zadar!

Profesional Global Press va ofera cea mai usoara cale de a va face reclama in ziare nationale si locale.

Echipa noastra se ocupa de creatia artistica, rezer- varea spatiului si publi- carea modulelor de mare publicitate.

Sporiti-va vanzarile, recru- tati personal, cresteti ex- punerea firmei dumnea- voastra. Contactati-ne acum!

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Argus Reo - solutii profesionale pentru agentii imobiliare

Revista Bucharest Business Week

Contactati acum Profesional Global Press pentru a va promova serviciile si produsele firmei dumneavoastra in revista "Bucharest Business Week" prin module de mare publicitate.

Revista Bucharest Business Week

Profil revista "Bucharest Business Week"

Bucharest Business Week (BBW) is the most read Romania-based English-language prestige newspaper for national and international businesspersons. With a history of eight years on the market, BBW offers credibility and consistency of its readers and reputation.

BBW is distributed in 15 cities throughout Romania, as well as key institutions in capitals of commerce abroad, from Paris to Washington, London to Berlin.

BBW is the number three publication preferred by readers from the entire spectrum of business publications, both English and Romanian, nationwide. BBW is ranked third in terms of effectiveness in turning trial reading into regular usage, after Capital and Ziarul Financiar.

This leading position on the print media market is ensured by a series of qualities including accuracy and journalistic objectivity, well structured and up-to-date information designed by sector, high-quality illustration and strong social coverage.

Public Tinta

BBW has among its readers the highest proportion of key business decision makers of any newspaper in Romania. We also have the highest profile of readers who plan to buy or sell a property within the next year, who plan on buying a new car, who are heavy credit card users and who travel abroad on a weekly or monthly basis.

Module mare publicitate - Modul simplu

Modul de mare publicitate ziarul Modul de mare publicitate ziarul Modul de mare publicitate ziarul Modul de mare publicitate ziarul
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Modul de mare publicitate ziarul Modul de mare publicitate ziarul   
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