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Mare Publicitate
Mare publicitate prin Profesional Global Press Fara o reclama de calitate in ziare asteptati clienti in zadar!

Profesional Global Press va ofera cea mai usoara cale de a va face reclama in ziare nationale si locale.

Echipa noastra se ocupa de creatia artistica, rezer- varea spatiului si publi- carea modulelor de mare publicitate.

Sporiti-va vanzarile, recru- tati personal, cresteti ex- punerea firmei dumnea- voastra. Contactati-ne acum!

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Revista BusinessWeek

Contactati acum Profesional Global Press pentru a va promova serviciile si produsele firmei dumneavoastra in revista "BusinessWeek" prin module de mare publicitate.

Revista BusinessWeek

Profil revista "BusinessWeek"

BusinessWeek is the most widely read international business publication, representing a global source of actionable insight for 5.8 million success-minded professionals.

BusinessWeek Romania will provide insightful coverage and commentary for the business professionals, the best mix of local and international news ( 60% / 40%), abiding by to the globally renowned journalism standards of Business Week.

BusinessWeek, The Leading Global Business Magazine, makes the world of business as interesting as it is important -- identifying and analyzing events, trends and personalities that make a difference. The magazine clarifies complicated issues and communicates a sense of excitement, telling its readers what they need to know, often before they are aware of the need.

What makes BusinessWeek different is a forward-thinking, analytic approach that is applied to the entire BusinessWeek franchise. We call this point-of-view journalism because it goes beyond routine analysis to give our audience perspective on the ever changing world of business.

Public Tinta

BusinessWeek Romania readers demographics: successful, urban career-oriented professionals; high income, top spenders; 25 - 50 years; entrepreneurs & top management; decision makers & leaders. BusinessWeek Romania readers are: business decision makers, opinion leaders, affluent consumers.

Module mare publicitate - Modul Simplu

Modul de mare publicitate ziarul Modul de mare publicitate ziarul Modul de mare publicitate ziarul Modul de mare publicitate ziarul
Full Page1/41/22/3
(17,7 x 24,5 cm)(17,7 x 6,7 cm)(17,5 x 12,0 cm)(12,0 x 24,5 cm)
Modul de mare publicitate ziarul Modul de mare publicitate ziarul Modul de mare publicitate ziarul  
(9,0 x 24,5 cm)(8,6 x 12,4 cm)(6,0 x 24,5 cm)